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Self Portrait with Japanese Pen


I  was born in London during the worst air raids in WW II. After the war  was over my parents returned to their country – Czechoslovakia.  I grew  up in a beautiful small village about 30 miles north of Prague which  used to be a summer resort for well off Prague citizens. My  grandfather’s summer villa was converted to year-round living where we  lived with my grandparents. Luckily it was classified as a family house  by the communists and we were able to retain it. My father was a  practical man, kept up the house, converted the garden in part to grow  vegetables and fruits, in part to grow chickens and rabbits. We gathered  pine cones and took down dead trees in the forest and gathered  mushrooms, blueberries, raspberries and cranberries.  So we survived  well under the rather stressful circumstances of the communist regime  because of our ‘capitalist west’ connections.

I am bringing up my  deeply felt and enjoyed childhood as it continues to inspire my work.   Also the colors in my work often tend to resemble the colorful national  costumes of the Czechs.

Much has happened in my life – as in  anybody’s life -, good and bad but I am going to jump to New York where I  arrived on 1st April 1970.  As soon as I had my feet on Manhattan’s  ground I felt again home and I have lived here since that time.

I  have worked as a computer programmer for a big bank.  A co-worker asked  me if I liked to join her to an art class.  I did and I found out I  could paint!  And painting has become my purpose, my main love, my  passion.  I live in New York City in a small art studio with my husband  Bruce.


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